How I lost my purse and my mind!!

8 am Getting ready for a 9am interview appearance. All original documents check. Suddenly I think about changing my brown handbag to a new sophisticated blue one to give a fine impression to the interviewers rather than my usual street fashion. After I have made the transfer of my essential make up and skin and hair products!, I realise to my profound horror that my wallet is missing. My already nervous ensemble now breaks down. All the members of the family are instructed to halt all tasks and look for my precious Orange coloured wallet. I began screaming like Mamta Di and frantically pacing up and down trying to remember my last encounter with my money bag. A trip to the ATM almost 4 days back to arrange money for a short Oyo vacay. And then a day back my staff at work had almost wrestled a party out of the miserly me! So exactly that was my last encounter. And after paying for the chai and chole kulche for 7 people I had tossed it back in the embrace of my brown hand bag.

But now it was missing. I took the two monkeys of the house, my own flesh and blood to task. But they both denied going anywhere near my almirah.

I had still not given up hope.

12 pm Somehow sitting through the interview and mentally making a list of all the money and documents lost. I am hoping they offer me little of their chai-biscuits to partake as now I can acutely feel my blood sugar dropping and my forehead sweating profusely as all their questions go unanswered or awkwardly answered.

1 pm Rushing to my place of work with hope that ‘ upar wala sab dekh raha h’ will help me narrow my chase as I have a CP camera eyeing my work corridors. But aghast that it was only eye candy to keep all cautionary employees like me on tender hooks but has no visionary function at all. The management and security has only advised me to keep my room always locked. I mumble and fumble about the good days of Ram Rajya now that Modi is back in power again, but there is little that they can do.

4 pm The office people give me an early 1 hour off to register a police complaint. I somehow land at the correct station. But here I am surprised. Technology has taken a great leap forward. Just mention all the numbers and everything will be delivered back to you. My ignorant mind had no idea that even driving license had a number to remember. And even though I have a digital copy for all my other important documents, poor me, I never did scan my driving license. Suddenly I have a eureka moment. I call my Oyo guy up and request him to send me the copy of my ID proof. And although I had given poor reviews to my visit online, he assented.

Thank you Digital India. Now our thumbs have evolved in a faster way than our legs, who can no longer bear the weight of our upper bodies. So bye bye queues. Hello tech savvy police.

6 pm Swallowing my pride and listening to my father berating me on phone and reminding me of all my careless mistakes since the first grade. He has a great memory. Had I inherited even half as sharp a memory as his, my interview would have been so great. But alas!

8 pm Sitting at home sweet home and pestering my younger sister for my dire need to eat a lot of fat and sugar to drive my depression out after a dreadful day. She agrees and I tell her to make sure that she is carrying her debit card. Thank you God, for keeping close ones around. You realise how precious they are to you, on days like these.

11pm Finally in bed with my two monkeys and a gorrila sized husband. Strolling through news and pictures of Kareena with her family, I am reminded of her iconic dialogue from ‘Jab we Met’ “God Ji, I have had enough excitement for one night. Please make the rest of the night dull.”


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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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