We, as a family, are on threshold of something very important. At a very critical juncture. Am I being too dramatic 🤔 ? We are actually buying a new car. It is a big investment for us. A major money matter for us. Our dear decade old car was beginning to disappoint us at times.Continue reading “Decisions…”

Manifest positive thoughts

As the tiresome day endsThe fog rolls byThe winds whisper And remind you toSay your gratitude To those who mean the most.As you lie on your bed And close your eyesBeneath the dark skiesAnd shining starsAnd you thank TheeFor the calmness they bestow.And in the morning Chirping birds and morning dewSing afresh a song soContinue reading “Manifest positive thoughts”

Frustrations of parenting!

I am not a natural homemaker. 😒 I get all upset when I see these excellent influencers on Instagram or YouTube putting these fabulous videos, making it all look so simple. Feeding their children veggies. Doing fun activities and looking so glam and so chill about it. I know it is tons of hardwork, patienceContinue reading “Frustrations of parenting!”