The winds whisper to me. The Sun rays fill me spontaneous energy. The butterflies, the bees. The ocean, the river, the trees. The dry leaves strewn across the greens. The rhapsodic melody. So divine, so heavenly. The shapes, the color palette of nature Is surreal and so true. I want to make the sky myContinue reading “Musings”

My Little Miss Universe

On a bright summer morning of April 1990, was born my little Miss Universe. My grandmother had expected a son along with rest of our neighborhood. This is far before beti bachao happened in northern India. But my folks were the happiest. Especially my dad because my mom had pushed out a healthy 3.7kg girlContinue reading “My Little Miss Universe”

The Accident

It could have been worse. It was 7th November, 2015. 4 years ago How time flies! It was like any regular day. The early winter morning Sun rays finding it’s way through the morning haze. A golden yellow glow spreading all around. It was like any other morning. Except that I was starting 8 monthsContinue reading “The Accident”