Tik Tok, round the clock.

‘My main goal everyday is To be happy. No matter how many trials I face. To strive hard to be happy everyday is motto.’ This is the motto of youth who has forgotten it’s troubles, dejections and frustrations and taken refugee in the greatest app invention of all times. The name is Tik tok. AContinue reading “Tik Tok, round the clock.”

The wonder of Red day

No I am not talking about discussing menstruation or even communist ‘laal salaam’ but you will understand my bewilderment when I received this note in my 3.5 year old child’s diary. — “Dear Parent We are celebrating Red day tomorrow (17/4/19). Red color symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. Please send your ward in red colorContinue reading “The wonder of Red day”

The Road to Redemption

Hi all I want to share with all a very useful insight which dawned on me while on our great Indian roads. With a little training and practice we have the ability to produce our very own Lewis Hamiltons and Michael Schumacher the formula racing champions in large numbers. Forget Narain Karthikeyan every Ram, ShyamContinue reading “The Road to Redemption”