Soaking in the Sun

Soaking in the bliss. The most wonderful aspect of winters is basking in the Sun, with a cup of coffee and peanuts by your side. Taking in the glowing warmth, a million other indescribable sounds and pleasing your eyes with mindless gazing.

Sun is the most positive affirmation on this Earth. When we feed our body on this marvelous energy, it sort of re-energizes and reboots our entire system.

There is so much that we take for granted. In lush green fields, or high rising buildings, Sun shine is must and mandatory for well being of every person, every natural or man made thing, every home.

But look at the indomitable human spirit, there are scientists or extraordinary humans living in higher up regions of latitude, with minimal or very little Sun. It is only because of sheer grit and determination that those people thrive. That brings to us fascinating insights to the human will. Anything is possible. Nothing is impossible. That is the only important thing. Human spirit is wonderful and the more I think of it , the more awesome I feel. There are infinite incredible unexplored possibilities for all of us. We can all be divine!

Over some decades, there was technological advancement, but human spirit was depraved. In all walks of life, in all professions some murky attitudes had lurked in. Dishonesty, jealousy, greed. Every day the Sun rises, it is an opportunity for us to begin a fresh start. To embrace positive attitudes. To make sense of our senseless existence. To survive the dark night and wait for the day to shine through, just like the Sun.

To be persistent in our struggles. Just like the Sun. Once or twice, dark clouds might cause us to falter, but let’s never fall and let’s shine again. The shine might be weaker at some days, but still shine through. The nights might get longer, but still work through. We will all ultimately succeed.

Sending positive affirmations to anyone and everyone. Aum Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

Enjoying the Sunshine Sundays

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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