Festival times! hurray!

Come October and it is time for celebrations and festivals all through out India. As the autumn sky turns poetic, the cool breeze ushers in, a season of good times and festivities begins. It is time for gaiety and joviality, amusement and togetherness.

It is the moment of triumph of good over evil. We witness the Ram Leela in the glory of Lord Rama followed by Dusshera where the effigies of Ravan, Kumbhkaran and Meghnad are blown away with celebration of fireworks. These Navratris are also rejoiced as Dandiya utsav where the night is to be danced away. For all us Bengalis, it is Pujo time!!!.

Durga Puja

When suddenly you can see shuili phool ( commonly known as night flower) growing in wilderness, you know it is the time of the year when our Mother descends from her husband’s majestic galaxy to visit her parental home. Ma aschhen.

The humble earth rejoices. Flowers bloom in brilliant colors, the birds merrily chirp away and the sounds of dhak and the aroma of dhunochi turn the atmosphere heavenly.

To match the glamour and glitz we all complete our Pujo shopping in time to look our best in front of our dear Ma who has come to bestow us with good blessings and health for a year.

As young girls, my sister and myself would excitedly wait for parcels of presents or money! sent by my loving Dida and Masi from far away Agartala to complete our Pujo shopping. We would accompany our Mother to markets and fondly choose dresses for the Pujo.

Pujo meant waking up early in the morning, one fine day and finding Daddy tuning our Radio to harmonious and powerful Mahalaya renditions.

Pujo meant school breaks and visiting pandals doing idol hopping, offering pushpanjali and eating khichdi prasad during the day.

Pujo meant being dazed by the joyous sounds of Dhak, witnessing the splendorous Aartis and enjoying the cultural extravaganza at night.

Pujo meant tempting mouth watering food and more food! From delicious double egg rolls to sumptious mutton biryani.

As we grew up, our other non Bengali friends would also heartily accompany us to the beautifully decorated Pandals and be awestruck. We would all giggle away in our sarees and idle away our time, forgetting any seriousness; just being in the present and frolicking to the hearts delight.

Now, is that time of the year again. Let us all get ready to soak in the glorious atmosphere, to cherish the feverish merriment and be a part of the ever increasing maddening crowds!.

Happy Durgo Pujo. Bolo bolo Durga Mai ki Jai.

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