The Road to Redemption

Hi all

I want to share with all a very useful insight which dawned on me while on our great Indian roads. With a little training and practice we have the ability to produce our very own Lewis Hamiltons and Michael Schumacher the formula racing champions in large numbers. Forget Narain Karthikeyan every Ram, Shyam and Budhiman speeding his Marutis on the Indian road is a potential classic top notch.All he requires is proper mentoring and guidance.

A Desi batman with his infamous bike dented the driver side of my car when he arrived out of nowhere at breakneck speeds, as if he was protecting us from evil. What could a silly mortal like me complain when he had bigger worries at hand. So he flew out of sight.

Fly is what I want to make my car do when the person behind me forgets his hand on the honk. Adding to the merriment of the traffic jam chaos are the brilliant people who rather than sticking to their lines will try some other route out and making it like a chakravyuh to which they know the rightful entry but not the exit as did our poor great yodha Abhimanyu in the Mahabharat times.

Another thing which makes me fry like a deep fried potato is how the ‘cool as cucumber’ next door neighbour parks his car in the most fundamentally irresponsible manner. And it is not his virtue alone. It must be something genetic or in the environment because Where ever I go in my small smart town I am unable to find a decently parked car. I wish to become a superwoman and deflate all the tyres with my laser eyes. On second thoughts with superwoman powers I would love to fly and run my errands to neighbouring supermarket without any troubles.

Every miracle births out of a necessity and I think the time is ripe for our scientists to invent machines for all individuals to fly. Won’t it be lovely when we all strap our wings at office ready to head home and land from our parachutes.

We have always been taught that” rules are meant to be broken”. We may not apply that to the patriarchal rules we always follow but it aptly applies to our sense of traffic rules. Once a very happy go lucky sardarji banged the rear end of my car at red light and then gave me a great ADVICE of not stopping at traffic lights at night.

We Indians are all such great drivers that once when I was a little girl and was learning to drive with an elder brother who used the word asshole every 5 minutes. I thought it was a remedy for staying alert on the road. It is only now after spending years with my learned fellow commuters that I know how stressful the roads can get at times.

So in the rising heat of summer I am sharing some free tips with all of you which I call my own CPR for relaxation. Not CardioPulmonary Resuscitation but be Calm, Patient and Resourceful.

Be calm, put all the soothing spiritual mantras that you have learnt and put them to good use. There is a good enough reason that you are stranded here. Introspect.

Be patient. We Indians anyways have a world famous reputation to live up to. Aren’t we always late. Don’t we have the best excuses lined up always. So better late than never. And be patient.

And lastly, be resourceful. I know of some ladies in the Capital who either chop veggies or knit yarn when stuck in traffic. We Indians have plentiful jugaad methods for all situations. I am sure you ‘ll find yours. Mine is by writing this blog and joining this new family.

So do not be sorry and try and mend your ways so that we can all forward to ache din with proper, proper driving and proper ettiquete.

Jai Hind

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

3 thoughts on “The Road to Redemption

  1. I can totally relate with its each and every word. It’s everyday story. Our nation is actually facing traffic emergency. In this chaotic traffic situation u have given me a guru mantra. I wish everybody a safe and happy driving.


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