Tik Tok, round the clock.

‘My main goal everyday is To be happy. No matter how many trials I face. To strive hard to be happy everyday is motto.’ This is the motto of youth who has forgotten it’s troubles, dejections and frustrations and taken refugee in the greatest app invention of all times. The name is Tik tok. A fancy Chinese app which has found it’s place in hearts and phones of millions of Indians.

Millions of Indians comprising almost one third of Worlds tik tok followers rejoiced in celebration when the ban on Tik tok was lifted. I am personally technologically impaired and don’t understand the fuss around these Chinese prodigies. But still with a little nudge from Shahrukh Khan and the cute couple on Urban clap, I have found a big basket to suit some of my advantages. Also I being a big foodie and an even bigger sloth, find zomato and swiggy as both life saver and presumtiously money saver with their loaded discounts.

I love the photography aspect of digital revolution. Our worthy scientists with their mighty instruments have captured the image of black hole as well. And here we are with our tiny and sleek instruments; capturing and magnifying our beauty at our own will. Bring it on!! And Why not. Why shouldn’t we give bollywood divas stiff competition.

This generation is awesome. We may have forgotten the real Vivekanandas and Bose who told us to believe in the divinity within us and manifest it; but we do sincerely believe in the beauty within us and manifest it on our Instagram shots. All thanks to our much superior gadgets- the smart phone and it’s magical apps.

What vice is there in celebrating the celebrity inside us. When our entire population is obsessed with what our dear bollywood celebrities wear, what their children wear, who walks their dogs, then why not be your own local celebrity yourself and give them snippets of your extraordinary life to feed from.

The youth has a hard task ahead. To match the ignominious IQ of India’s most eligible handsome bachelor politician, if he is to become the prime minister and if we all voters allow that to happen. To understand large portions of his mind numbing speech we must dim wit ourselves. Following the other jolly Aaptards and Mahagathbandhinis will also becone easier if we lose our grey matter to these apps. To help undergo speedy mass mental retardation this Chinese app has come to our rescue.

I believe it has other advantages as well. Seeing all these happy faces around me lipsyncing like cartoons, oblivious to any physical or mental ordeals, gives me hope that we will definitely rise up in the ranks of Worlds happiness index.

Also I recommend it as a handy tool for all bollywood producers. All your wannabe talent is out there. There are prodigies at YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and dozen more platforms. A easy simple way to showcase their art.

The line of distinction between the flamboyant extrovert kinds and the so called meek shy introverts has blurred. Technology has given every one the opportunity to rise and shine. The shy pimpled school boy who could never even mumble a hi is now showcasing an epiphany of his life on the social platforms.

So, as I see most of my staff lipsyncing away to Tik tok and chasing dialogues rather than my orders, I wish to become a Subhash Chandra Bose and instead of their blood give them this new logo ” Tum mujhe apne phone do, aur mein tumhe is bewkoofi se azaadi dungi.”

But these brave hearts are made of valour. Since they would gladly endure this social barbadi ( destruction) rather than wanting meaningful azaadi ( freedom from technology).

And I can do nothing but reprimand them and hope and pray for Bhagat Singhs, Sukhdev and Rajguru to rise again and save this generation from becoming slaves of technology.

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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