The wonder of Red day

img-20190422-wa00111957187840.jpgNo I am not talking about discussing menstruation or even communist ‘laal salaam’ but you will understand my bewilderment when I received this note in my 3.5 year old child’s diary. —

“Dear Parent

We are celebrating Red day tomorrow (17/4/19). Red color symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. Please send your ward in red color dress. Also please send red snacks for Tiffin to provide a wonderful learning experience.”

I had a good mind to send in my chopped red heart for Tiffin to share my enthusiasm but I quickly composed myself and sent my better half to shop for some strawberries, apple and carrot instead. Hard as it is to find well meaning fruits, now that summer has arrived, I asked myself why could they not have celebrated a pompous yellow day and I would have been glad to share the king of fruits- the Mango with them.

Celebrating the day of primary colors! Now that we have so many artificial colors adding poison to our ecosystem, it does sound important.

I whacked my grey cells hard to remember the origins of this great day but my encyclopedia googled me with its answers. Quoting the various posh school websites- Red day was a day for the amalgamation of strength and fearlessness, love and compassion, brotherhood and solidarity. The red lady Lady M from GoT could not agree more.

The only somewhat scientific answer I could find was to mark awareness for the heart conditions and it’s prevention. But this is a hard reason to fathom for 3-4 years old so rather than making my red blood boil and putting my heart at risk I soothed it with red wine.

Growing up, we never had this incredible opportunity to celebrate such an important day! Red being my favourite color I would have been quite pleased.

My childhood association with Red is of the merry, joyous Santa Claus and his Christmas spirit. During marriage red stands for your lehngas, your sindoor and your hand bangles.

The two color symbolizations I continually use post marriage is green for peace and white for surrender. They are essential to my existential matrimonial life. I give my hubby dearest rest assured peace when he remorsefully surrenders.

Interesting facts: The study and art of color symbolization is also a science ‘anthropology’ and is used by creative designers, I believe. However for us doctors; the colors and their codes are taken very seriously in the hospital setting with code Red standing for imminent threat/ danger or fire. We also have a complete biomedical waste disposal system based on colors.

Anyways my brilliant better half returned back with the most red fruit of the season, the water melon and some red pastries to send the next day. I wished I could turn my brown refrigerator red and send that too, as both these red sultry dishes will melt away with time in his bag.

So the next morning I dressed him up in red from head to toe with my usual casual sandwich with enough of happy red ketchup faces on all side and off we went to school in our grey car. And then I realised when I saw his teacher in red looking resplendent.

For all us women folks, a wonderful red day it is, to look your ravishing best in your red clothes!!!

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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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