Frustrations of parenting!

I am not a natural homemaker. 😒 I get all upset when I see these excellent influencers on Instagram or YouTube putting these fabulous videos, making it all look so simple. Feeding their children veggies. Doing fun activities and looking so glam and so chill about it. I know it is tons of hardwork, patience and years of practice for them and I have no sensible reason to be mortified.

Everyone has a different skill set, different aspirations and different circumstances. But still….

How on earth do they find time to record, post and then respond to all the social courteously to all media handles. 🤔 The only time once when I tried to use phone during my spare time in loo, I ended up dropping it there and it was a big disaster.

I love that mothers nowadays are so talented and ready to share all they know with noobies like me, but it is overwhelming. I feel guilty in my heart that I do not try enough. It breaks my heart when my child easily catches cold when the weather suddenly changes. It is infuriating for me to find them addictive to unhealthy items, and not take a liking to the daily homely items.

I understand that for kids now variety is the key, but should that be so paramount? I wish times were simpler and easier. As material things have become easier and convenient and economical, time on the other has become so costly.

I love my kids. But the kids of social media are so full of etiquette and right mannerisms, that they put my babies to shame. These other children are not advertisements, that we can discard as fake or tutored. There are no fake filters of behaviors. My boys look like obnoxious mean devils 😈 in front of them. But they will get there, slowly or atleast that’s the hope.

I am not much of a disciplinarian either.And I love being idle, I guess. I have so many flaws that sometimes I feel I am letting everyone down. But I try and recharge myself and try my best every day. Even if I have no practical skills, I try to have an everyday attitude of courage, frankness and good cheer.

Even if it seems that I am losing control, I pray for positive reinforcements. Sooner or later, I will get the hang of it. Sooner or later, I will devise ways to deal with with their deliberate manipulations. Sooner or later, my kids will be happy and content with whatever little they have.

I had the blues because I had no shoes, Until upon the street I met a man who had no feet.

Nevertheless, I love these evergreen courageous mommies. They say, mothers always know what is right for their children. I may not know it all the time. But I know that in my heart I am sincerely trying. My utmost priority is that my children learn to have gratitude, learn to brave hardships, survive the struggle and appreciate the beauty that is life.

The educational and competitive criteria now are insane. I don’t know how they are practical or realistic. The constant academics of logical reasoning and analytical thinking are beyond me! Is there a science behind the level of activities and hours of homework that we get. After all, science is a collection of successful recipes. Is it not? Schools and their stress is maddening.

I know this parenting rant is agonizing! I hope I get strength to not dwell on my flaws. I hope I continue to learn from this amazing community. I pray that God watches over all of us, especially all our kids and keeps them safe and helps them cultivate good values and morals.

What is your take on parenting? Do most of you found it natural and instinctive. Or do you consciously work on it ? Do you also compare and worry yourself to death?

Or are we all flawsome yet awesome?


Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

2 thoughts on “Frustrations of parenting!

  1. I can really feel you Amrita. Moreso because it is every moment that you are living, seeing it. To see children slipping away towards unhealthy habit is more than heart breaking but rather than variety I guess changing the environ helps break many a things. May be you can once or twice a week start taking them to a local nursery for a walk. If they are catching cold too soon, they should start spending time with Mother earth. Get their hands, feet everything (so called) dirty.
    My wishes.


    1. Thank you Narayana. Will try that. That could be a reason. We, as bengalis have been near fanatic about cleanliness. But as a doctor, I understood a little about hygiene hypothesis for allergies and tried to make my peace with germ and dirt! Will try nursery walk for sure!


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