My Little Miss Universe

On a bright summer morning of April 1990, was born my little Miss Universe. My grandmother had expected a son along with rest of our neighborhood. This is far before beti bachao happened in northern India. But my folks were the happiest. Especially my dad because my mom had pushed out a healthy 3.7kg girl which seemed like an impossible task!. It was a little unexpected of her, as I, her first born was born via minor birthing complications 2 years ago through a C section. She could not breast feed me back then, but this little wonder was on to her breasts in seconds. My parents were on top of the world. And so was I.

The greatest gift I ever got from my parents was her.

She was known to all as the charismatic kaddu (pumpkin) of our neighborhood. She was the chubby girl, never learned to dance, but could strike a pose instantaneously. I was her always protective, sometimes lost elder sister. Since then she has been my entire Universe. I didn’t need many friends or any other company because I always had her. She was, is and will always be my Universe.

She can get crazy at times, she scares me too but can be a meaner bully for people who mess with me. No matter what I do, she always has my back. We share laughter and tears together. We have our own secret language of smiles, sighs, winks and eye rolls. We watch out for each other, comfort each other through thick and thin.

A little sugar, a little lime. My rock, my sunshine.

Preaches a lot, teaches a lot. Talks a little, pouts a lot.

Times flew by and this chubby kadu baby became a thin lanky tomboyish teenager and has now become a beautiful long legged Diva. She can put all our heroines to shame with her resplendent smile and grace. She has a comfortable style and is happy in her own skin.

And now very soon, she is getting married. I will have to share her with another household. I cannot begin to describe my emotions. It’s a mixture of sadness and happiness to see her with the Man of her Dreams. After all, she is my sister, my best friend, my soul mate and best part of me.

We have both been witnesses to each others lives for as long as we have been. We are almost inseparable, entwined together like conjoined twins. We are never on the same page at first, but sooner or later I agree with her. She wins, always.

Like all other Bongs, she is fiercely independent, opinionated and strong willed. But unlike other bongs, she is terrible at singing, dancing or cooking!.

My sister and I have always been close. After all, we are only 2 years apart. But I have been extremely fortunate  to never have even be away from her for as long as 2 months, even after my marriage!! God is great.

And this post marriage bond is the time when I believe I have cherished her the most. Or is the closest to my memory. I depend on her for almost everything. From feeding and raising my children to managing my maids, even my husband at times!

Sometimes sweet, at times devious. Don’t be off guard, she is mischievous.

My devil, my guarding angel.
My sweet  younger sister, my archangel!

Thank God! my mother has the best things to say about us. Like how as a child,  I would look after my toddler sister. I would feed her with my own hands and she would be quite stress free as to our concern.

Growing up together, with no cousins nearby and a few friends, we were very thick. There were silly fights and innumerable stupid arguments as well. Like exactly counting the number of paneer on our plates. It should be equally divided between the two, not less nor more. I would sometimes steal little bit from her plate and she would call mom. During our physical fights I would use my arms and she would use her nails as potent weapons. Mentally, she would hold on to her grudge for a long time, even after my remorseful surrender and would hurt me with her devious plans! Here I can confess, all solemnly, that she was right more often than not.

A sister loves you from the heart. No matter how much you fight, you cannot be pulled apart.

She is a joy that is here to stay,
and make your worries go away.

In one such very bitter fight, during our teenage years, in a fit of rage I tore her most esteemed collection of Cristiano Ronaldo’s posters. The fury in her eyes, I cannot forget. I had to pay the penance for many weeks and months afterwards.

If one were to scroll down my personal journal, one would find alternating feelings of love and hatred between us.

We had each other for company all the time and that was complete in itself. On our long train rides to Kolkata or bus rides to Delhi we would invent our own games, our own vocabulary sometimes and be amused. Being lonely or away even for a single night was painful for us.

I will miss her nasty jibes and her caring vibes. I will miss her lazy Sunday grill and her serious travel drill. I will miss the security of having her around. Taking me to drinks and merry go round.

Our favorite past time happens to be teasing each other. We are happy to do it but the minute a third party jumps in we pull our guards up. We do not spill our secrets, like some sacred holy grail and we do not let, no other person, be it our mom to share the fun.

I can shamelessly say that I depend on her for everything. She has least interest in gossips or mundane activities but my day is not complete without telling her about it. For advise in friendships, relationships, fashion and so on, she is my wise counsel.

You are the Jerry, when I am Tom. I am Robin to your Batman. When you are Sherlock Holmes, I am Dr. Watson.

At my wedding, 5 years back she was the elaborate meticulous planner, designer, chauffer, host and everything. She kept a comprehensive wedding diary with all incorrigible minuscule details. This diary has now come to my rescue!. She did so much with very little help, from the scratch but never did she miss the late night football Worldcup matches. Be it the European league or any other championship she never misses any of her favourite sport.

Not to sound pompous, she is extremely brilliant. She was amongst the top 10 in our State in board examinations. She is a gold medalist from the university in her post graduation subject. And this is hard to believe for us, because we hardly find her with books as she is busy attending to our troubles!.

Now when I look back at my memories, I cannot imagine my life without her. She has always been by my side.

A perfect sister I am not, but thankful for the one I got.

I had a traumatic first child birth experience with post partum hemorrhage. She was constantly by my side. Holding me and holding him, helping me to breast feed him. Night after night she was there with her calm face and soothing voice, attending to all my needs.

Even today, after a troublesome hectic day, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or even a phone call with her is all I need to ease myself.

She will go the extra mile,
With her beautiful smile,
Lighting up her face,
To do things for you
That only she can do
And bring the best out of you.

The only thing that tops having you as my sister is my children having you as their mishti masi.

Both my kids are her top priority now, even before her own life and marriage. They are spoilt as well as disciplined at the same time by their adorable Mishti Masi.

I am the more impulsive, more reckless, more impatient, more loud of the two. She is calm, quiet, practical and suave and is luckily in a profession that suits her personality the best.

I will miss her a lot, post her marriage. But I will find solace in the fact that she is only a phone call away.

I will miss her arguments, her right wing judgements and her sports mania. I will miss her care, her warmth and her lovely persona.

Hey Shu, I just want to say that there is no better friend than a sister and THERE IS NO BETTER SISTER THAN YOU. Will love you to the moon and back. And I am sorry for all the times I have let you down. But you were always around. Love you.

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

10 thoughts on “My Little Miss Universe

  1. This is such an emotional writeup!! I literally had tears as it made me miss own little brother 🙂
    Amrita di wonderful post ♥️


  2. Another beautiful and loving post Amrita.

    We are 6 siblings and I have four older sisters and a younger brother. We too were blessed to have great and loving parents.

    From your various posts and years I think you are 87 born. Two of my favourite nieces (not blood) are 87 born. One of them lived with me for some years and got married in 2014 😊

    Stay blessed. Stay loved 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, absolutely right Sir. And I got married in the same year as well..This is such a wonderful opportunity to know more like minded people who enjoy the beauty of sky, clouds and essence of life in such sweet subtle ways. Keep writing ✍and inspiring us to do same.

      Liked by 1 person

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