Jungle safari

The forests are deep, impenetrable and intense. The guides walk you through the tell tale signs of beautiful beasts roaming around the swampy marshes. A pug mark here, a claw mark on the tree bark. Tree shapes that redefine geometry.

Forests is akin to a grand old uncle telling you about symbiosis and relationships and trust and life. Every time you go on a jeep safari, you feel as if have captured some tiny essence of this grand old man. There are stories in the footprints, in the shit, in the shadows.

The trees and creepers interlinked together and growing together for decades. An honorable old tree. A strong untold. A story that has to be felt, just like some subtle sightings. Some sightings which are just felt and not seen. Some calls that leave you thrilled. Some beautiful memories.

Jungle safari is my favorite way to spend a holiday. Hold tight, sit back and enjoy the bumpy ride through the sparkling woods where you see water so clean and sky so blue. The tall trees seem to reach the clouds and they all speak one language of mystery. One language of oneness, one language of honesty and patience and sublimation to the Ultimate.

I invite all nature lovers to come to Assam. It is a fast growing developing state. The unfortunate things about development is that it leaves little place for nature. Kaziranga is the most famous national park of Assam. It is also a World Heritage Site for one horned rhinoceros. Near 40 kms from there is a luxuriant Numaligarh residency/ town, golf course and a butterfly park. All constructed lavishly on an old elephant corridor!

So while you enjoy a beautiful luxurious comfortable stay, the animals find newer ways to coexist sometimes amicably hidden away, sometimes appearing with ferocity and anguish.

The other national park of great importance is Manas. Manas means man, a person metaphorically speaking it would mean the mind, the intellect, the consciousness of the person. It is in Baksha district of Assam, a comfortable distance from Guwahati. The entire forest boundary wall has high powered electric fences to stop these giants and beasts from penetrating into the precious tea estates. The forest is vast and the territory extends into Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan.

This week itself a majestic tiger strayed its way swimming across mighty Brahmaputra, to the Umananda temple, in the heart of old Guwahati city. The beast didn’t harm anyone. But I cannot think of the trauma and pain it will go through during the process of its Rehabilitation. Last week newspapers mentioned murders of 3 people by an angry misguided tusker, around 150 kms from Guwahati.

To see these magnificient animals in peace and quiet and thrill of jungle is truly the most refreshing experience. A jungle creates life, it grows life, it replenishes life and sustains it.

I sincerely hope that we as humans take accountability of the lives and suffering of these victims of development who have been left at the brink of devastation. Let them know that we care. Existence and sustenance together is the key to a happier life.

My inlaws and my babies in the jeep

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