Redefine yourself

As the year is drawing to a close, I am very excited about how the next year of life will be. Will I be closer to the eternal truth. Will I find bliss?

As Covid draws to an end, there were innumerable lessons learnt from 2022. Loneliness, environmental maturity, parenting, technological advancements, India – China conflict and many more!

I hope to take all these lessons forward with me and find in me space and will to mature and exist positively, amicably with trust and admiration with people and nature all around me!

I am more calm, more conscious, more oriented, more relaxed, more prepared. I am blessed to be in better position. I am certain that life is beautiful, wonderful and is an enigma to be lived, cherished and celebrated in every way, each day! Each and every day of your life means more gratitude, more respect for all living and non living things around you.

There is no instant gratification, no instant joy! All things that go with instant are actually substances of eventual mortification. The transient happiness is transitory and unreal! That is just a bunch of dopamine chemicals getting us addicted further and further till point of no return! What needs to be there is a solid sense of contentment. A sense of profound peace and everlasting joy inside us!

I stayed away from writing for a very long time. Not because I was busy or lazy. But I was realizing that what other people write is so refreshing and so worth more importance, than what I manage to scribble. So I was reading some, watching some and it was pleasant for a while. But then I realized it is just about your expression. Your thoughts, your original raw feelings that needs to come alive on paper.

Originality is a lot of things, but it is not ideal all the time. It is raw, real, has anguish, and unfiltered chaos. It is finding meaning in meaningless chores. It can be ugly and menacing. It can also be a thing of beauty.

It can be ordinarily simple, not stunning extravagant words. Not a delicate prose delivery, but an ordinary mish mash of words. Not a consistent flow, but a true observations of different set of ideas, thoughts and emotions as they intrude our space.

My best endeavors would be to grow more physically, mentally and spiritually. To find more ways to keep my boys off the gadgets and technology. To find more ways to reduce stress inside. To not to be lazy. To be able to adapt to pace of life and stride towards not perfection, but satisfaction.

To be able to regulate my mind, my body, my breath and feel oneness with all!

Happy New Year to everyone. May this year bring peace, contentment, happiness, strength and satisfaction to each and every individual. May we all grow into better versions of ourselves.


Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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