Messi Mania, Messy Mum!

I am not an avid football fan. I am actually not much of a fan of any sport, as any other mommy in the whole wide world, I believe. We have to well rise above our own indulgences. And finding free time to sip coffee and read in peace, feels as close to heaven as it can be. I followed the world cup of the biggest game through newspapers and occasional tidbits some times!

I started my married life on the day of finals, 2014. My entire set of bong relatives were glued to the big television set in the lobby of the hotel. And there I was – a pretty, thin version of me in a red heavy dazzling lehenga. And look at me now! Another world cup, another jubilant finale and me a mom of two. My husband had special plans to watch it together ❤ with beer and instant Chinese food to go! But unfortunately the boys refused to be mellowed down to bed so early!

To add to all the merriment, it is my younger son’s birthday today, and I got delayed making some minor arrangements for his school distribution of chocolates, his outdoor clothes and small return gifts for his evening party.

🥳 🎉 The house was decked with balloons and decorations and before I could tuck it away to a safer spot, all my home was converted into a the Qatar football arena!

So after the tantalizing nail bitting finals, when all the fireworks had stopped, and when it was finally calm and quiet again. I got up and put things in order so that I need not have to wake up a minute early that what was already my busy Monday morning schedules!!

Many many congratulations to all Messi fans out there. And what a match it was! a true indomitable spirit! A fight back! A match to remember! A night to remember!

My dearest Anirudh turns 5 today! Please share your blessings with him.

A messy hero in action!

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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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