How siblings fight?

How siblings fight!

And then again unite..

How they build imaginary castles 🏰

And wear superhero capes! ❤

And play together with no mistakes.

Mommy picks up a book to read,

And brews hot coffee ☕ for her to drink.

The boys jump and dance.

Aha! She says – That’s my chance!

The boys bang and bounce

And within no time, they pounce,

At each other’s head and chest,

With bruises and punches 👊

Can a mom never rest?

Amidst tears and scratches, 

A mother’s heart watches.

How siblings fight,

And then again unite!

Her coffee gets cold, her book lies unread,

And again she makes an effort to distract the monkey heads!

Does this happen with all the other moms around too? 🤔

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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