Ruins of past

One Sunday we visited Hajo, a place known as amalgamation of pilgrimage sites, near Guwahati. It has a picturesque location, atop a small hill. We stood in a line for more than 2 hours to get Darshan. It has a beautiful divine image of Lord Vishnu or Madhav. The sculptures on surrounding temple walls and pillars are beautiful. The craftsmanship is so fine and delicate.

But it is really painful to see lack of maintenance. Utter disregard for any cleanliness. Goats and monkeys run around and do their shit all over the place.

Similar was the situation at another ancient Bashistha temple, said to be the abode of Saptrishi Bashistha. The floors and staircase outside seemed as if they had not been wiped or mopped for days. Locals could be seen washing clothes and utensils in and around a holy river flowing right besides the temple.

I wish we all Indians, understand that there is no substitute to the old saying ‘ cleanliness is next to Godliness’. It is not enough to only keep our heart and homes clean. It is important to maintain all heritage sites well so that our children may know properly about our glorious past.

To create new heritage and preserve old heritage, both are equally important. It is of paramount importance to preserve the old structures with due diligence. And it is not only the work of government. Local people must preserve the sanctity of their neighborhood. If our surroundings are uncluttered and clean, similar effects it would create on our minds and body.

I know many people who maintain beautiful lawns and admirable aesthetic outside of their house. I know it is not easy. It requires time, patience, ideas of innovation and certain amount of expenditure on their part. It cannot be done by all. But nevertheless, a thing of beauty is joy forever. 😊

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