Happy Anniversary to the best folks in the world!

Dear Dad and Mom

Happy anniversary wishes on your 34th marriage anniversary. You guys have braved numerous storms and have also cherished quite a few splendid moments together all these years. And all throughout, your love, patience and respect for each other has only grown exponentially.

Dear Dad, you deserve all the thanks for doing all the hardwork and for being so strict, so punctual and so demanding on both of us. And not only us, your daughters; you have wanted the very best for our fortunate husbands as well!

You pushed us to explore our limits, to expand our horizons and never gave up on us. We never got things easy from you. Starting from an essay writing competition in school to maybe a coaching class of our choice. You eliminated the easy choice. You have commendably raised the bar so high with your own supreme moral and ethical standards. There is no looking back. We are so proud to be your daughters.

And dearest Mum, my favourite. You have been so kind, so devoted, so gentle and loving. You are an epitome of strength, love and understanding. ‘Never to look for anyone’s faults, but to always correct oneself.’ It’s easier to preach, one might say. But you have been a living example of compassion and selflessness.

Both of you are just the right balance for awesome parenting. You guys have sacrificed so much for our sake. Thank you, for setting such an extraordinary example.

From you folks, I have not only learned lasting love, but endless faith, service and devotion. The biggest education of self reliance and utmost faith in God has been the biggest gift that you guys have taught us. And for that and everything, we will always love you.

Thank you so much. Happy Marriage Anniversary once again. I am heartbroken to not be with you people to celebrate this day but I will see you so soon.

My parents with their grand children

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

15 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to the best folks in the world!

  1. Very well written ! But you have missed one big quality of your parents. They are a wonderful host too !
    Wishing them very many years of togetherness studded with jewels of love and happiness !


    1. Thank you uncle. You guys share the same month of marriage and along side that numerous stories of hardships and cordiality! Auntie has been the greatest chefs that mommy has learnt from and you are the warmest, generous and most jovial uncle we know of!😊😊Belated congratulations to you guys as well.


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