Love is in the air

Friends and foes, January is behind us. We have either forgotten our resolutions or either lived up to them. We have created fresh new memories in the new year of the new decade. We have all done our introspection, lived through deception and managed to go on with our daily grind. The first month of this New year is now behind us. The season of gruesome winter is over. And we have descended onto the season of Love.

The season of Exams ( Love or otherwise) is upon us. The children have anxieties from the examinations approaching. The youth have other expensive peer expectations to live up to ( The Valentine’s Challenge). But once you enter the familydom you have no more anxieties and no more apprehensions. You have nicely settled down into your mid life crisis and you have graciously (hopefully!) accepted it.

By now, you may have accomplished all or nothing. Passion, dreams, respect, thrill, adventure may not be your daily culinary ingredients now. But one most important spice of daily living recipe now is love. And you cannot exist without it. All you must have is appreciation for the love in your life. Love from all quarters. Love from your children, spouse, parents, pets and even bosses and colleagues( if you are lucky!).

Love sustains us. I believe, one should always be grateful for love. It is the single most important thing to me in this world. It is the thing that drives me to go through my tedious work routine daily, with a smile. Love is the most priceless and most precious possession. When my 4 year old says that he wants to marry his mommy, I am elated!. When my hubby finds time to text me ‘I love you’ inbetween his infinite other work and grocery related msgs, I am on top of the world. I believe it should be an offense to take your loved ones for granted.

If you have your family’s love to come back to, you can take on any challenge in the world. If you have a warm and judgement free home, you have the best life in this planet. After a really bad day, if you get a really nice supper by your family in the end, it all becomes easy breezy.

Traditionally our societies were based on sharing a lot of love, not only as a family but as a group. That is the reason why we, Indians have so many festivals to welcome all sorts of seasons. Lohri was celebrated together by dancing around the fire pyre. On the eve of Basant panchami, the skies were thronged by colorful kites and the neighborhood pandals were thronged by young and old, dressed in yellow, praying to Goddess Saraswati.

After all, love is a very strong and content emotion. Man was made as a social animal. He survived the holocaust and every other calamity over the centuries because of his fierce love towards his family and his society.

But alas, I see people today becoming cold and distant. We see warm hearted pleasing personalities on net, but cold distant sods in our neighborhood surround us. There are very few routine family gatherings and less and less neighbours and guests gather together. The love in the society is lost and has been eclipsed by our fancy love affair with social media.

The most precious ornament of any house is the guests that frequent it. But unfortunately, the society has moved away from this norm.

This Valentine’s day, I urge all to return back to our roots. Our roots of inclusiveness. Our glorious culture of atithi devo bhavo. Let us all, family people, make a pact with ourselves to visit our next door neighbors, invite our friends over to our home, do an apolitical chai pe charcha. Let us love more and love thorough to grow more stronger as a society.

Let us start trending love thy neighbor. We can leave the fancy restaurants and eating joints for our harried youths!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Lots of love to my wordpress family for inspiring me and delighting me with your wonderful words all the time. And thank you for reading.

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

3 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Beautiful post. My favorite part-you have a warm and judgement free home, you have the best life on this planet. Such a simple thing that can easily be taken for granted but it really is true. Thanks for spreading light and love for the upcoming month!

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