An affair called Marriage

Weddings are about enjoying novel experiences in rapid succession. There are some things which go as planned, and there are some which sprout up unplanned. There are last minute decisions which are changed even after meticulously planning that moment for months. Eventually, it is in chaos that everything is beautiful.

Indian marriages are loads of fun and work! On one hand there are beautiful decorations, insanely lit pandals and exotic flowers and food. And on another extreme, there are pills and tablets for heartburn, headaches and hangovers from too much booze!!🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂

There is melody of sweet music meeting cantankerous cries of children who refuse to oblige the camera crew. There are selfie corners. There are charismatic friends turning the heat up.  There are relatives all glittered up.

There maybe budgetary limitations or time constraints but there is never a limit on fun, bonding and love. There may be tiny episodes of nokjhok every now and then but eventually it is fun, merriment and enthusiasm that rules all. At the end of the day, there is a sense of relief when your relatives head home happy after showering you heartily with their wonderful blessings. And then, your happily ever after begins.

Husband and wife, best friends for life.💑

And very soon you realize that marriage is not only an amalgamation of bride and groom, but the entire extended families are bound in this sacred thread.

In our family, we consider ourselves truly blessed to have a great Indian cultural mashup. We, the awesomest sisters are Bengali brahmin beauties.👯‍♀️ Mine is a concoction of East meets west. I was born in princely city of Agartala (Tripura) whereas he was born in Churu (Rajasthan🏜) and is a rustic Haryanavi jaat. You can see, it is a beautiful rainbow as rain meets Sun.🌈 (Agartala- close to wettest place in India⛈ and Churu- hottest place in India☀️).Ha ha ha🤣🤣.

From the gorgeous Himalayas of North, we have this amazing new addition. My sissy’s better half is a coy sweet Himachali guy. So, her relationship will be like a snowfall!! Rain meets snow!☃️ Okay. My apologies. It is very lame.😂Anyways, we all rock!!

I honestly cannot thank God enough for making us meet such great, nice supportive families. There is never a dull moment when our folks meet each other!! Hahaha.

My sister’s wedding was not just a single day gala affair but a celebration of our unique culture’s and customs from both sides. Both the bride and the groom were very clear from the very beginning about the celebration of their special day. Extravagant expensive show off was a big no no, but just simple ritualistic traditional affair with close friends and family.

It started with a Bengali Aashirwad ceremony at our home and ended with a bang with a Himachali Dham celebration in a beautiful picturesque village of Himachal Pradesh- the Dev Bhoomi. 🏞🏔

My sister’s hands adorned the traditional bengali shakha paula as well as the Punjabi chooda. The groom wore a punjabi pagdi as well as a topor and rocked both looks with much elan.

In short, it was like a small part of mini India under one roof. A festival of life.

And now that everything is over and we have returned to our regular lives, we miss the fervor and the excitement. We revel in the nostalgia, in the albums and thoughts. I cannot thank the photographer enough for these precious memories, whom I had mentally cursed a lot for his incessant flashes every milliseconds.

Marriage is a risk, a great glorious risk. And you must embark on this soul fulfilling adventure in the same spirit. It requires constant team work, patience and compromises. Not only from the two key players but from the entire team which functions as a restorative and supportive medium.

Love doesn’t make the world go around. Love is what makes the world worthwhile. And true love is the world’s greatest adventure. Best wishes and good luck for your adventure.

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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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