Happy Birthday dear Bhanu

Tomorrow you will turn 2 and I cannot believe that you are only 2. Seems like you have been a part of my existence since forever. With your silly one liners, your oomph and your style you seem far bigger than your age. But your weight and height are worrying factors!

You are the little prankster who scolds everyone in the house. You are the Monster who hides all of my stuff all around the house with a mischievous grin. You laugh like a mad man at your own words and actions. You defy all my commands and sometimes annoy me with your silly reactions. And then you make the most stupid sounds and cutest faces to melt my heart away.

I love you beta. And I pray that God blesses you with wisdom, good health, peace and prosperity. May you grow to be strong, tall, healthy, sharp and above all content and satisfied in whatever you do.

You are the cutest bundle of joy. And you have filled my life with neverending happiness. You have never wanted any toys, just my utensils. You have never wanted any dresses for your own, just mumma’s makeup. You will be my Pyara Bhanu forever.

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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