Monsoon hurray!!

I must have been a peacock in my last birth. I definitely take pride in being my country’s national bird. My mind wants to float away and my feet start dancing when I see the beautiful rain clouds line up in the sky.

I have a particular dislike to the popular nursery rhyme ‘Rain rain go away.’ English poets perhaps created it to express their anguish over the unpredictability of British weather, where rain is never too far away; and almost dampened the on going ICC Cricket World Cup. However, here in India, children and adults both welcome monsoon whole heartedly. Be it people in flood stricken Mumbai or drought stricken Chennai. In both the situations, the fault is not of Mother Nature but of man made callousness and Municipal corporations.

My heart implores me to give up all that I am doing to get drenched in the awesomeness of rains. Although the modern architectural flaws are such that sometimes we remain so indoors in our centralized air conditioned cabinets with no windows to the outside world, that we don’t even know if it is raining!.

But still sipping my coffee outside and listening to the lullaby of God calms me every time. The smell of wet earth is also quite missing in our articulated concrete jungles but I make up for it by creating smell of pakodas, tea and Maggie.

I can spend hours looking at the various beautiful shapes of the voluminous black clouds and creating my own stories of dragons and fairies, but unfortunately I cannot complete one stream of thought without being disturbed by very own home made dragons who are always fighting, always hungry, always thirsty.

Rains in younger days was about fresh love, breezy romance and soaking in the freshness that coats all the trees and all the other living things. Rains now, are about finding ways to protect our younger ones and running after them with chawanprash.

Nevertheless, I always find time to tell my little ones to express gratitude at this beautiful wonder created by God. How in seconds the giant screen of sky is carpeted by dense, dark clouds. The shining Sun hides with his fury in an unseen corner. The white birds almost magically spring up, are seen flying off into the unknown territories. The trees sway to the tunes of nature’s song. The gigantous lightening sparks up and we are left staring with bewilderment at the myriad of colors and sounds at play.

I fondly remember how as children, me and my sister would ready our paperboats to watch them swim away to unknown offshores. I loved paperboats so much that I still load my house with all paperboat tetrapacks as a mark of respect!!.

Anyways, now that monsoons have arrived, I will also turn over a fresh leaf and plan a spontaneous surprise for all. I have decided to take the coming weekend off and plan a holiday to hills. Mountains, as common knowledge will tell you, should be avoided in rains as landslides become a common affair. But that is the time when I am most in love with them. When you can walk through the clouds, be one with them. Obviously at a safe distance from the road, so that no one mows you down. I think that will be a lovely surprise as a wedding anniversary present.

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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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