The finish to the finale

As I spend half of my Sunday afternoon ranscaking my home sweet home searching for the AC remote, I can’t help but envy my dear prime minister for spending his weekend away at the cooling caves of Kedarnath. He is away from the scorching heats of the city, whereas all the debates around his personal trip to our holy shrines have turned the heat up in our unholy newsrooms. The television remote has been conquered by my dear husband till 23rd of this Month. But in my efforts to save the AC remote from my two monkeys, I seem to have forgotten where I hid it in the first place.

As we all await the finish of the ‘ Game of Thrones’ battle in the reel world, this battle of the top throne in the largest democracy of the world was no less interesting. As we saw Mamta Didi and her cultured folk turn our glorious state of the East- West Bengal into a state of disaster and vandalism, we wonder how the state of Rabindra Nath Tagore has spiralled so downwards. The legacy of CPI and then TMC rule can only be explained intelligently by the political analyst, but my take as a fellow bhadro Bengali is that we became too complacent. We got lazy and are now at the receiving end.

Thanks to the 24 hour breaking news we see a Kurta clad Tejaswni Yadav bring an e-rickshaw to the polling booth and going back in a 1 crore Mercedes. And then the poor chap is alleging of life threats when his PSO thrash the journalist black and blue. My heart cried a little for Kejriwal when he squeaked that BJP is trying to get him killed by his own PSOs.

We had all, young and poor, participating in the festival of democracy with proud fingers all over the social media, but our very dear Mr. Digvijay Singh, ex-chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and the current big brains behind the Grand old party did not use his finger as he was busy pointing fingers at Bhopal, 140kms away from his polling constituency, Rajgarh. Also, dearest ChandraBabu Naidu is having all his fingers in every pie as he is running from pillar to post to meet his ends.

The social media was active, the internet was robust. We have all done our bit to bring this festival of democracy to its beloved finale.

And now we ‘ll have to wait with our fingers crossed. Either we ‘ll have the lotus blooming again or we ‘ll all get one tight slap from the hand!!

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