A night to remember

A true story experienced by my very dear friend. She was a sweet shy sardarni of 24 when her parents found her the perfect match. The guy belonged to her Land of Dreams – America and had other characterstics much like her Knight of Dreams. He was tall, fair and handsome, a wealthy rich lawyer, a green card holder, and had little real family. He ticked all boxes on her list. She was here, in India, a budding doctor buried deep in her books and stethoscope on her last step to becoming a prestigious Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Their initial ceremony (roka) was accomplished through the wonders of Skype. Then began a series of whatsapp and Skype chats. She was shy, he was shy. There were occasional references to first love.

Her other jolly good friends back here would often tease her. “How can you marry someone you have only virtually met. What if he is evil and monstrous. Where is the romance in arranged marriages? ”

But our good friend here, trusted her God, her parents and most of all the nice Aunt who had arranged all of that. She was happy and preparing for her marriage which was to happen away in America. Marriage in America, honeymoon at Europe. The young couple had all planned and gifted for them.

The D-day arrived and her entire Indian family and us landed in the foreign country with our heavy suitcases filled with lehngas and sarees. The preparations were on full swing. Her leg was almost sore from performing ‘ Mehndi laga ke rakhna’. But her spirits were always high.

Finally, the cold feet got to her. On the day of the wedding she started feeling nauseated. She felt knots tie up in her tummy. It is all natural, we all counselled her. And she managed to smile for all of us. Then came time for her act. She got all sweaty and hot and red. But again after our constant encouragement, she composed herself and did it so gracefully for the Man of her Dreams. She managed to sit through the entire wedding ceremony with not one bit of ouch. Her cheeks kept turning crimson red, from shyness we thought. Her steps got a little wobbly, from immense exhaustion, we thought. Her body and mind might have been scared or despondent but through her own constant motivation she was a picture of elegance and poise.

Finally her night to be one with her beloved had come. As she waited for him with bated breath, her nausea returned, rather violently this time. And within few seconds her bed of roses smelled of puke. Her skin became pale, her heart started beating ferociously and her two feet could no longer hold their ground and she collapsed just in time for her Prince to catch her and lift her in his arms.

As he swooped her away to a hospital emergency, her Ultrasound abdomen revealed that her tiny appendix had ballooned at all this merriment and exploded like those wedding fireworks, playing havoc in her abdominal compartments. Any further delay in admission would have put her life in danger. And so away she was taken to the emergency operation theatre.

When she opened her eyes, the next day and her eyes met her saviour she knew that this was the night that they would remember forever. The night when no words were needed. And in pain and agony and smell of antiseptic, she found her true cherished mate.

Needless to say, they didn’t fly away to Europe for the honeymoon but there in the hospital standing by each other, they discovered the meaning of love.

Published by Amrita

A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

5 thoughts on “A night to remember

  1. Amazing Amrita ..never knew there is a writer also inside you apart from being an intelligent doctor.


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