Sunday sorrow, Miss you Dear Sparrow

Another beautiful Sunday has come and I am thinking of fun things to do with my two maverick sons and hubby dearest, so that we create good memories to be cherished forever. Getting all to play a ludo set, carrom, an outing or cooking picture perfect brunch for my lovely family would have required my sweat and blood so I chose the easy way out. So I ‘zomatoed’ some pretty doughnuts and immediately captioned it “Sweet Sundays” and waited for Google and others to remind me of this day years from now. Memory created and posted for all to see and like!!

As I water my plants, and arrange some bird food and water, the pigeon stares at me in the eye. She has been sharing my balcony for months now and has become quite resilient to Arnab Goswami’s shouting, breaking news blaring and my children singing. Nothing startles her now. My numerous attempts to shoo her away or to plead her to attend to nature’s call at one side of my balcony or atleast my neighbour’s balcony have failed misearably. And now I like her ‘devil may care’ attitude. She is as thickskinned as our politicians are. No matter how much we loathe them, at the end of the day we come to enjoy their antics, their own style of guttargoo, and their beak fighting.

Coming to my featherhead, she has successfully mothered 3 children after patiently sitting on her eggs for long hours at stretch and never leaves them out of her sight. I am happy how this flock of birds have evolved and are surviving amongst us. We leave them no choice though. With their homes chopped for the love of our high rise buildings, the least we can do is open our balconies to them.

Interesting fact: Pigeons have actually bore with men from centuries, carrying messages through countless kilometers and assisted men in war like G.I.Joe whose timely message to the British avoided the massacre of thousands of innocents during world war II. Ironically, it’s better looking cousin, dove, is a symbol of love and peace.

It is incredible how we all play “survival of the fittest”. We all play our parts in the social drama. Perfect Sunday afternoons, perfect outings, perfect bodies and perfect homes. Perfect apple phones on our perfectly manicured hands. No body cares about the imperfections of the mind. As long as you fit in this amicable world with your pleasing pics, you can go and show your mind to a fancy shrink.

But one such poor creature who has not played this game of survival well are the sparrows. I press my memory hard to recount the last time that I saw sparrows. Maybe, on a relaxation trip to Ranikhet. I am not sure though.

Sparrows, my friends of childhood, they were. Their chirping was like sweet melody to me. My dear lovely friends, I dearly miss you. There was something so benevolent about your sweet benign behaviour.

Searching for reasons of their near extinction on my phone led me to this disturbing fact. The electromagnetic waves of my smart phone is rendering them impaired to live.

I felt sorry for my children to not see and enjoy the beauty of this God’s tiny creature. Sharing this disappointing fact with my better half left me more shocked when he told me that ” Twitter sparrow is the best thing to happen and shall stay for years. Why worry about extinction?”

My children were enjoying their Speedy sparrow video game. My attempt at drawing their attention towards my tales of the lovely sparrow failed miserably with them telling me about Jack Sparrow being their favourite character. I wish the pirates still lived in real world, rather than the reel world of pirates of Carribean and would take me away on real adventures- away from this evil world.

Mentally, I was sailing away in the dangerous seas away from all the pretentious activities when a gentle reminder on my phone brought me back to senses. I had friends coming over for supper, and so I got busy in taking out my finest cutlery and preparing my finest cuisines, and putting back my living room in fine shape!

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A regular person. Loves to read, love and write. A mother of two. A doctor by profession. Ferociously enthusiastic, adventure seeker and lover of life.

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